EUROMETROS - an overview

METROS for Europe

The METROS (METROlogy Software) system allows Metrologists to gain access to software they require for their work. METROS will be used as the repository for the MetroNet work package (WP 2) on mathematical and statistical software tools for metrology. For this purpose, METROS has been renamed EUROMETROS.

METROS was developed by the SSfM Software Re-use project and is described in the Guide to EUROMETROS: SSfM Good Practice Guide No. 5.

Functions and implementations

The central idea of EUROMETROS is that of key functions: either functions that may be used in many different applications or are seen as fundamental to an area of metrology. Functions are defined by a mathematical specification and the function pages include lists of algorithms and implementations of each function available from EUROMETROS.

In EUROMETROS, functions are supported by a collection of distributions that include implementations of functions.

EUROMETROS includes a section on test data for testing the implementations of functions.

SSfM programme

METROS was developed as part of the SSfM programme (1998-2001). The programme is designed to tackle a wide range of generic metrology issues that require the applications of advances in mathematics, software and theoretical physics.

The SSfM programme (2001-2004) maintained and reimplemented EUROMETROS. The current SSfM programme (2004-2007) will continue to maintain and develop EUROMETROS.